Vtech Innotab 3S Review

I received this product from VTech in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own.

My youngest son (he’s 9) had been asking for a tablet for a while before we received the VTech Innotab 3S for review. This fun educational tablet for kids ages 3-9 has many great features. When we first unpackaged it my son was so excited to check it out!

VTech Innotab 3S

The VTech Innotab 3S is the newest children’s tablet in the VTech Innotab line. Let me tell you about some of the great features it offers…

VTech Innotab 3S

The neatest thing about this tablet (in my opinion) is that it has Wi-Fi so my son can connect with us through our smartphones. My son can send us texts and photos right from his Innotab 3S using VTech Kid Connect. He can also browse kid-safe, parent approved websites through the tablet which makes me feel safe about him being online. He could also connect with others who have a VTech Innotab 3S anytime, anywhere.

The VTech Learning Lodge is like the app store for the tablet. There kids can download a variety of educational apps (it requires a password for paid apps). The password protected parental control feature on the Innotab 3S allows parents to set a daily usage limit, approve websites and monitor what their kids are looking at online. The Learning Lodge features more than 600 games, videos, e-books and music for your child to download and enjoy. There is also a Wishlist Maker on the tablet that allows kids to send their parents emails about the apps that they’d like to download. The paid apps are mostly inexpensive with the licensed apps being a bit more pricey. However, the tablet comes pre-loaded with 20 apps to give your kids a good start.

The Innotab 3S also features a rotating camera that allows kids to easily take photos of everything around them, including themselves. The 2.0 megapixel camera also takes videos and offers enhanced photo features for more fun.

You can also purchase cartridges for the VTech Innotab 3S featuring your child’s favorite characters such as the goofy monsters from Monsters, Inc. Each cartridge is made for different stages of your child’s learning.

The VTech Innotab 3S won’t go through a bunch of batteries because the battery pack is charged with the AC adaptor that is included with some of the tablets. The charger can also be purchased separately. The rechargeable battery pack lasts 9 whole hours on one charge and all of the charging is done inside the tablet.

My son has had hours of fun with his VTech Innotab 3S and I think it would make a great holiday gift this season. Priced at around $100 it is a great value. Visit VTech online to learn more about the VTech Innotab 3S. This tablet is available in blue and white or pink and white so it’s perfect for both boys and girls.

Check out this video from the great folks at Time To Play to learn even more!



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  1. sarah_havelszky@yahoo.com' Sarah says:

    This is awesome

  2. wilcarvic@gmail.com' meme says:

    I love the 360 camera

  3. khristalsweeps@gmail.com' Anna says:

    I love the fact that it has a camera and video recorder.
    Anna´s last post ..Get a Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

  4. wowknk@gmail.com' Kristin @ Keenly Kristin says:

    I think my niece would use the camera constantly!
    Kristin @ Keenly Kristin´s last post ..Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor (10/28)

  5. kimkmc@yahoo.com' McKim says:

    I like that it has parental controls.

  6. dunn26.2@hotmail.com' Denise Dunn says:

    the camera

  7. onetime@emethod.com' socratesjr says:

    I like the WiFi connection to allow finding and transfering data easier.

  8. mihaeladay@gmail.com' Mihaela Day says:

    I like the camera and wifi features :)

  9. heather@emethod.com' melikegarfield says:

    I like that it has a camera built in which makes it easy for the kids to capture moments.

  10. lana3174@yahoo.com' lana says:

    i love it has wifi

  11. lexbaylor27@gmail.com' Christian Alejandro says:

    I like the camera feature.

  12. lisalmg25@gmail.com' Lisa Garner says:

    I love the VTech Kid Connect Basic for safe texting between the innotab and a smart phone.

  13. vikki.billings@yahoo.com' Vikki Billings says:

    I like the child safe WiFi the most, but my grandson’s favorite feature would be the camera

  14. vikki.billings@yahoo.com' Vikki Billings says:

    My favorite feature is the child safe WiFi

  15. michelletucker@baconnation.net' Michelle Tucker says:

    I like that it has a kid-safe Wi-Fi connection.

  16. braaisjo@gmail.com' Terry Cross says:

    I like the kid-safe browser

  17. brich22@earthlink.net' Richard Hicks says:

    fav feature is the built in camera

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  18. kbenage@gmail.com' Kim says:

    I love the parental controls

  19. AWinesburg@hotmail.com' Angela W says:

    I love the camera and wifi capability!

  20. kathypease@gmail.com' kathy pease says:

    I love the 1800 rotating camera and video recorder

  21. amy16323@gmail.com' amy deeter says:

    i like the wifi

  22. theyyyguy@yahoo.com' Ed Nemmers says:

    I like the Wonder Cam!

  23. eswright18@gmail.com' Ellie W says:

    My grandson would like the camera.

  24. susansmoaks@gmail.com' susan smoaks says:

    my favorite feature is the camera

  25. cw_white_63628@yahoo.com' Carolyn Gates says:

    I like that you can text to smartphones, my son would love to be able to text his dad or me

  26. heymissvirginia@embarqmail.com' Virginia Rowell says:

    I love that you can send texts and photos with it.

  27. lstanziani@yahoo.com' Leslie L Stanziani says:

    I love that it comes with 20 apps to keep kids from getting bored too quickly.

  28. goinsjodi@gmail.com' jodi goins says:

    the whole learning of it! my 8 year old is having a hard time with reading,no matter what we have tried he seems not to care.maybe this would make it more fun for him to mearn and with it being like a tablet,and he think he is a big boy using it and will learn more.

  29. The camera would be my favorite feature.
    Sherry Conrad´s last post ..Menu for week of 10/7 – 10-13

  30. pkeyser@fsu.edu' Paul K says:

    The kid safe WiFi connection.

  31. jofo120@yahoo.com' Jo Ann F says:

    I like the Kid-safe wifi connection!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  32. melinaramirez1@yahoo.com' melina r says:

    The features I like is the kid safe wifi connection and the camera.

  33. traymona@aol.com' tracey byram says:

    Kid-safe web browsing

  34. dellsdad@gmail.com' richf says:

    i like the white listed wifi access.

  35. lullys@gmx.com' Douglas Wood says:

    I love this tablet. What a great gift for my grandson!

  36. cmanventuresinc@gmail.com' Gianna says:

    The camera.

  37. jnmacdonald@hotmail.com' Jennifer M says:

    I like that there’s so many features to keep bored kids engaged.

  38. amy16323@gmail.com' amy deeter says:

    I like the camera

  39. bbbneys31@gmail.com' Shakeia Rieux says:

    I like that it has 4 GB of internal memory storage

  40. sassysasha817@gmail.com' sassy says:

    I would have to say the wifi for sure!

  41. flynnco0113@gmail.com' Lauren Flynn says:

    I love that the battery lasts so long and has the option to recharge the batteries!

  42. leohauoli@hotmail.com' Michele C says:

    This tablet offers a wealth of fun, age-appropriate learning games for kids

  43. Love that I can sync it with my phone.
    Whitney @ It’s Gravy, Baby!´s last post ..Halloween Over the Years

  44. GenCti@aol.com' michele dublin says:

    I love all the features that it has and my little one doesnt leave home without it

  45. brittneydejajason@gmail.com' brittney says:

    rechargeable battery

  46. stracey2010@live.com' sarah tracey says:

    I like the camera

  47. i like that you can make movies with it- so fun for kids ! :)

  48. yummyfaerie@hotmail.com' gina says:

    I love that it comes with a rechargeable battery pack and also the camera

  49. nicoledzuba@yahoo.com' Nicole D. says:

    I like that it connects with smart phones!

  50. jessikah94928@aim.com' jessica says:

    I like that it has a camera and wifi

  51. ijessica_r@yahoo.com' Jessica Rose says:

    I like that it comes loaded with apps

  52. sierra0278@gmail.com' Sarah VM says:

    I really like the eReader feature and that there are so many apps included.

  53. quimbyjen@yahoo.com' Jenny says:

    I like the apps, and the camera

  54. brat52101@yahoo.com' Brenda Elsner says:

    I like the camara!!

  55. sweepmorey@gmail.com' Jammie says:

    The movie maker!

  56. meg6652@gmail.com' megan says:

    My daughter would love the camera!
    megan´s last post ..Laptop falling apart

  57. karenldrake@myopera.com' Karen Drake says:

    I like the wifi and the Kid Connect feature which allows the user to send secure messages to their parents phones.

  58. debrahall1961@yahoo.com' Debra Hall says:

    my favorite feature is the 2.0 megapixel camera

  59. rhlavertue@yahoo.com' Rosie LaVertue says:

    what a great christmas gift

  60. hafner611@gmail.com' Paula Michele Hafner says:

    I like that it can be connected to a smart phone via Wifi. My son would love messaging his Dad!

  61. robriffe@verizon.net' robby rob says:

    the camera adds a lot of fun. my daughter would love this.

  62. birdaw23@yahoo.com' Bertha Brown says:

    I like the rotating camera. My kids love taking pictures.

  63. messernmontana@gmail.com' Kelly Grant says:

    the camera

  64. regnod@yahoo.com' Daniel M says:

    the camera!

  65. faramena@gmail.com' Heather B says:

    I like that i can sync it to my computer and be able to see what my children are doing

  66. crystalmethod54751@gmail.com' crystal smith says:

    I love that we could send picture or text messages between the tablet and my phone. That is definitely my favorite feature- I think my son and I would have a lot of fun with that :)

  67. peaceandlove2126@yahoo.com' brittany davenport says:

    i love the fact that my child would be able to send me texts and pictures from the tablet to my phone with it> thats so exciting! OH and the movie maker sounds super awesome too!

  68. anastasia2013@gmail.com' Anastasia says:

    I love that you can exchange text and stickers with other tabs AND with smart phones :)

  69. I love the fact that it has wifi!
    Brandy Nelson´s last post ..Who Says You Can’t Blog About the Weather? Happy Birthday, Robert Carroll! 

  70. coupongator@hotmail.com' Allie says:

    I like the camera

  71. Shiebs24@gmail.com' Shannon says:

    My son will love the camera!!

  72. meltoole@hotmail.com' Shannon F says:

    I think the wifi is my favorite feature but I think the swivel camera would be my daughter’s favorite feature!

  73. bleushman@gmail.com' Kyl Neusch says:

    the camera

  74. rmartinclarke@gmail.com' ria clarke says:

    the rechargeable battery

  75. kitsunedeathdancer@gmail.com' christine k says:

    I love the rotating camera. my son is obsessed with taking pictures right now (nearing 3 years old), so this would be perfect!

  76. sweeps.mlf@gmail.com' Will R says:

    looks durable

  77. ddjk2011@yahoo.com' Donna Kellogg says:

    I like the movie maker Feature

  78. acartwrightmorell@gmail.com' Alycia says:

    I like the kid-safe wifi!

  79. fyock.sweeps@gmail.com' Candace Calkins says:

    I love the kid safe wi-fi and the camera!

  80. freebies_samples@aol.com' natalie yeoman says:

    my favorite is the camera

  81. msmissy02@gmail.com' Melissa L. says:

    parental controls

  82. blindsided9@gmail.com' Jay says:

    The camera and ereader!

  83. Lfuchs1@wi.rr.com' Lesley F says:

    I like that you can stay connected with Wi-fi

  84. jenpsht@gmail.com' Jennie Sanderson says:

    I swear I commented! Sometimes I get confused. I really like that you can connect to this tablet with your smart phone

  85. jenpsht@gmail.com' Jennie Sanderson says:

    I love the camera and that you can connect with your smartphone! This is an amazing toy!

  86. bethanyganadora@gmail.com' Bethany says:

    My son would LOVE this for Christmas! I like that he can text us and take pictures!

  87. lilnursejen@yahoo.com' Jennifer Marie says:

    I like the reachargeable battery pack!

  88. JayGennie05@aol.com' Gennie Lancaster says:

    I like the wifi feature and the camera feature.

  89. jjak2003@gmail.com' Jessica says:

    I love that it comes pre loaded with over 20 games

  90. lauraunger33@gmail.com' Laura Unger says:

    I love the rotating camera and video recorder as my son loves to take videos and pictures.

  91. wendywynsma@gmail.com' Wendy R says:

    my favorite feature is the kid safe wifi!

  92. limproved@hotmail.com' Jim Lipscomb says:

    I like the built in camera.

  93. lola_violets_2010@yahoo.com' Allison Downes says:

    I like the wifi

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  94. washoekathy@yahoo.com' Kathleen Downes says:

    My favorite feature is the wifi.

  95. I like the fact that it’s educational! and the large screen!
    Carolyn´s last post ..Trim Healthy Tuesday : Coconut Bonbons S

  96. slozano85@yahoo.com' Sandra Lozano says:

    I really like that its appropriate for my children.

  97. bladosfrankdenise@yahoo.com' Denise B. says:

    I like that it can hook up to the Wi-Fi.

  98. iemmafamily@yahoo.com' Maria Iemma says:

    The fact that they can text parents is a wonderful feature.

  99. nathankyle1707@yahoo.com' jeremy mclaughlin says:

    The WIFI.

  100. mintstatesportswear@juno.com' Linda G. says:

    I like the camera feature

  101. shanna.elizabeth1@gmail.com' shanna says:

    The camera ! So neat

  102. dwaynenandreacontests@gmail.com' Dwayne Berry says:

    My favorite feature is the camera. My little girl loves to take pictures, so she’d love that.

  103. colinvsg0d@gmail.com' Colin Glendon says:

    I like how much it can do for the value.

  104. stephanie64030@yahoo.com' Stephanie Larison says:

    The camera is the best feature to me. My daughter is always asking to play with mine.

  105. joselbenavidesjr@yahoo.com' jose benavides says:

    my favorite feature is the camera so he can take pictures

  106. The movie maker feature
    Shannon´s last post ..V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers Juice Review #V8Refreshers #Sponsored

  107. smchester@gmail.com' Susan Chester says:

    I love that it has a kid-safe browser!

  108. dlhaley@hotmail.com' Donna L says:

    I like the camera feature.

  109. mom1800@hotmail.com' Carol says:

    I like that it has a camera.

  110. jlafount@hotmail.com' Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Movie maker seems like a creative time waster

  111. rounder9834@yahoo.com' Thomas Murphy says:

    I like the camera.

  112. digitalvampire1@yahoo.com' danielle lima says:

    that you can select the apps

  113. brand242003@yahoo.com' brandy g. says:

    I love the movie maker feature.

  114. pokergrl8@gmail.com' Amanda Sakovitz says:

    The camera is my favorite feature

  115. crashlehcar84@hotmail.com' Rachel Pride says:

    The camera is one of my favorite features

  116. brewerchickey78@yahoo.com' Amy Brewer says:

    That my child would be able to text me would be both mine and his favorite feature.

  117. mogrill12@gmail.com' Monique Rizzo says:

    I like the camera.
    Thanks for the chance.

  118. amdierm@gmail.com' Amy B says:

    I love that it comes with a camera!

  119. ReggieM1961@gmail.com' ReggieMann says:

    My favorite feature of the VTech Innotab 3S is the VTech Kid Connect Basic for texting with Smartphones

  120. rufful@gmail.com' Rochel S says:

    Love the camera

  121. mel1071@msn.com' melissa teears says:

    The variety of learning apps and the texting feature

  122. The camera and parental controls
    Heather M´s last post ..Purple Purse to end Domestic Violence

  123. dericka.buckels@selu.edu' Dericka says:

    My favorite feature is the rotating camera. Most tablets only have the front facing cameras, so the rotating camera would be less hectic for our family since we love to take pictures.

  124. Dull2000@cox.net' Samantha D says:

    I love that it comes with pre-installed apps and a camera!

  125. suebee05@gmail.com' Sue Ellison says:

    I like the E-Reader feature.

  126. annabella@centurytel.net' Mary Cloud says:

    My kids would love the Wondercam
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  127. landfjacobson@charter.net' Laura J says:

    Oh I really love the E-reader! Carter loves to be read stories to, and he would love being able to listen to stories on it! Would be GREAT for car rides to the relatives too!

  128. carito_rmz@hotmail.com' Carolina Dhabolt says:

    Love the rotatinmg camera

  129. I love that it has a built-in camera. :)

  130. I like the 180 degree rotating camera and video recorder

  131. meg314@gmail.com' Megan says:

    I like the texting.

  132. fmd518@gmail.com' Francine Anchondo says:

    I like the camera

  133. tall_person13@yahoo.com' Rachel deHart says:

    I like the camera and wifi

  134. barbara.montyj@gmail.com' Barbara Montag says:

    I like the Movie Maker feature – thank you.

  135. hstorm799@gmail.com' Holly Storm-Burge says:

    My daughter would love the camera feature.

  136. Vickers@comcast.net' Andrea v says:

    I love the wifi

  137. sandy1955@comcast.net' Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the camera and the apps

  138. christinebobean@gmail.com' Christine Mondy says:

    I like the rotating camera feature.

  139. sonyadmorris@gmail.com' Sonya Morris says:

    I love that it comes with a rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter.

  140. anzhie@live.com' Angela Y says:

    I love the camera and wifi capability!

  141. littlesillysally@gmail.com' sara haaf says:

    safe web browser

  142. wildorchid985@gmail.com' Wild Orchid says:

    I love the camera feature. My son would love this!!

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  143. mamavresale@yahoo.com' Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love that it has 4 gb of on-board memory.

  144. stephen_alexander_esq@yahoo.com' Stephen says:

    I like the rewards system on the innotab

  145. rhoneygtn@yahoo.com' Rebecca Graham says:

    I like the camera.

  146. tannawings@gmail.com' ellen beck says:

    I really like that VTech Kid Connect Basic is included and tere is nothing to buy or install to make it work.

  147. ssgsweeps@hotmail.com' April Brenay says:

    its a tie between the wifi and the camera! both are awesome!

  148. rebecca.parsons@gmail.com' Rebecca Parsons says:

    I like that kids can communicate with parents cell phone or other internet capable device through a downloadable app.

  149. paula_stewart@ymail.com' PaulaMS says:

    I like the kid safe browsing that it offers.
    PaulaMS´s last post ..Shady’s Hops & Link Ups – Giveaway Linky, Facebook & Twitter Link Up

  150. kathypersons@yahoo.com' Katherine says:

    I like that they have a camera they can use

  151. octoberbaby1990@yahoo.com' Courtney Renee says:

    it has a camera! awesome!

  152. tarah716@ymail.com' Tarah says:

    I love that it has a rechargeable battery

  153. jessicawyatt9@gmail.com' Jessica Wyatt says:

    I love that it has wifi and can connect to smart phones!

  154. abfantom@yahoo.com' Ann Fantom says:

    My favorite feature of the Vtech InnoTab 3S is the integrated 2.0 megapixel, 180° rotating camera. My daughter would have a lot of fun with it.

  155. kconklin1028@gmail.com' Kellie Conklin says:

    There are so many great features! As an adult I love the rechargeable battery (so much more convenient than trying to locate batteries) and I know the kids will love the WonderCam with all the effects (they never stop taking pictures!). I also like that it comes with an e-reader :) Thanks!

  156. clc@neo.rr.com' Cynthia C says:

    I like the Movie Maker feature

  157. nickieisis3@gmail.com' nickie says:

    Wifi is my favortie

  158. partymix25@hotmail.com' Terra Heck says:

    I like that it has an app to play your own MP# Playlist where kids can listen to their favorite songs, import their own music, play their own playlist, and download albums from VTech’s Learning Lodge app store. Thanks.

  159. adametzb@yahoo.com' Brooke Adametz says:

    I think the kid connect feature is really neat!

  160. mom22girlz@ymail.com' Kim D. says:

    I like that it has a camera.

  161. aprilgilbertson@gmail.com' April G says:

    The best part has to be the rechargeable battery pack for me!

  162. cdehart1985@yahoo.com' Chris deHart says:

    Wifi is my favortie


    I like the 180 rotating camera and video recorder.

  164. tamarsweeps@gmail.com' Tamar says:

    I like that it has a camera.

  165. eastman520@gmail.com' Cassandra Eastman says:

    I love that you can exchange text and fun stickers between the InnoTab 3S and smart phones!

  166. tbarrettno1@gmail.com' Tabathia B says:

    the movie maker and the ereader

  167. kelly-tillotson@hotmail.com' kelly tillotson says:

    the camera and all the app/game options

  168. raisingmypadawans@gmail.com' Heather says:

    My favorite feature is the ereader!

  169. mrsrodjac@hotmail.com' rod jackson says:

    the camera option

  170. groogruxking40@gmail.com' steve weber says:

    I like that it has a camera.

  171. cathycasper@hughes.net' Mary Casper says:

    has to be the camera

  172. dlatany@gmail.com' latanya says:

    VTech Kid Connect Basic

  173. nlevdan3@yahoo.com' Natalie S says:

    I love the 1800 rotating camera and video recorder and the ereader!

  174. amypugmire@live.com' amy pugmire says:

    I love the camera and the e-reader

  175. candyland121@hotmail.com' Anne Lehnick says:

    I love that the edges are protected. We have both an iPad and a Kindle with broken screens because the kids are just too rough with those non-kid friendly devices.

  176. rickpeggysmith@aol.com' Margaret Smith says:

    The camera is my favorite feature.

  177. lindsayd2630@yahoo.com' lindsay says:

    my favorite feature is the educational apps.

  178. 1agordon@live.com' Adrienne Gordon says:

    The movie maker app is cool

  179. vandenbossche3@hotmail.com' Melissa M says:

    I like the camera but also love the apps

  180. dmcalgaro@gmail.com' DawnC says:

    The 2.0 megapixel camera. Then I could have my ipad back! lol The kids would fill this up with pictures instead.
    DawnC´s last post ..Lemon Cake Pop Fun