SmartBones SmartFillets Dog Chews

Our puppy, Siku is almost 8 months old and he’s a chewing machine. Shoes, rocks, sticks, soccer balls; whatever he can get his mouth on, he’ll chew it. We often buy him treats and bones to chew but I am always concerned that what we’re giving him may not be the best for his growing body. We recently received SmartFillets dog chews from SmartBones to review and I knew that Siku would enjoy them.

Siku SmartFillets

Made from real sweet potatoes and chicken, these vitamin and mineral enriched dog treats are a great alternative to rawhide bones. The bag of SmartFillets that we received has given Siku plenty of chewing exercise and he has really enjoyed them. Since he’s such a big boy, each chew only lasts him a few minutes but for a smaller dog they could provide hours of chewing enjoyment. The SmartFillets are low in fat and are highly digestible treats for your dog.

SmartBones SmartFillets

If your dog is like Siku and enjoys chewing you should check out SmartBones SmartFillets dog chews. They are available in 10-packs and 30-packs and are less expensive than other dog chews. You can learn more by visiting You can also find SmartBones on Facebook.

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