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I love shopping for my boys! Although the selection for boys isn’t as large as the selection for girls, it’s still a lot of fun. I won’t lie, I have often thought it about how I would dress a little girl if I had one and I do look at the girl’s clothes online and in the store if I have extra time. Children’s fashion has changed a lot since I was a child. In some ways that is a good thing because there is more variety, but in other ways it isn’t so good. With girl’s clothing in particular, I have noticed that some brands tend to offer clothes that are a bit too racy. I think that kids need to dress like kids and not like adults; mini-skirts and halter tops aren’t something that a 7 year old girl should be wearing. As a society we really need to be more vigilant in teaching our children to have respect for themselves and each other. What kind of message are we sending if we are allowing our young children to dress inappropriately?

I haven’t seen as much boy’s clothing that I thought was inappropriate, except for the occasional t-shirt that has disrespectful words or phrases on it. I am very careful about what I allow my boys to wear. I want them to dress nicely while also allowing them the freedom to express themselves. If one of my sons wanted to wear a pink shirt or purple pants, I would have no problem with it – but I think their father would. Although he allows them to choose their clothing freely, he is also more inclined to share his opinion of their clothing whereas I will usually keep mine to myself. Just because I don’t like the color or pattern of a shirt doesn’t mean my boys shouldn’t wear it!

When my boys were younger I could pick out their clothes without any arguments. Now that they are in school, they both have their own style which means I have to show them what I’m ordering online prior to ordering it. It would be easier to go to the store and purchase their clothes so that they could try them on, but they hate to shop and it’s just easier for me to order online.

My older son, Ethan, will not wear jeans or any pants that do not have an elastic waist. Now that he’s getting into the bigger boy’s sizes, it has become a scavenger hunt to find pants that he will wear and that will also fit him. Ethan is also going through that stage where he is growing out but not up which means his waist is big enough for a larger size but the length of his pants are too long when I get that size. He will not wear shirts that have a collar or a hood, so that means he basically only wears t-shirts or sweatshirts. My younger son, Trent, is definitely more fashion conscious than Ethan. He loves to dress up and his favorite shirts are button down shirts with a collar. Trent is a bit delayed with his motor skills, so he prefers pants with an elastic waist. He likes jeans but has a hard time buttoning them so he won’t wear them when I’m not around to help him. He is also very thin so I normally have to purchase pants that have a drawstring in them so they can be tightened up to fit his waist. With all of my boy’s wardrobe preferences, finding clothing can be a real challenge.

I have spent many hours searching online for their clothing. Each season I take the boy’s measurements and then I compare it to the size charts at each retailer so I know which sizes to purchase. I also have a strict budget for their clothing, so I am always trying to find the best deal without sacrificing quality. I recently visited Cookie’s Kids and purchased some clothing for the boys.

Learn more about my experience with Cookie’s Kids.

Cookie’s Kids offers a large variety of many high-quality, stylish brands and I really found some great items at affordable prices. Most people like to get the best deal and Cookie’s Kids makes that very easy! In fact, one of today’s deals at Living Social in Louisville, is a promo code for Cookie’s Kids where you can purchase $40 in items for just $20. That’s a 50% savings! If the response from this deal at Living Social is good, Cookie’s Kids may offer the savings in other areas. 

These are the outfits I purchased for the boys –

I got all three outfits and a pair of boxers for less than $100 with free shipping!

If you are looking for new clothing for your kids, Cookie’s Kids offers clothing for infants, boys and girls of all sizes. They also carry toys which are affordably priced. Visit and find Cookie’s Kids on Facebook.

Disclosure- This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias These are my own opinions.

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