Healthy Summer Picnic Ideas

healthy summer picnic ideas

Today, Moody Mama is all for tweaking the picnic menus and turning those summer outings into nutritious, healthy trips. Summers and picnics go hand in hand. Whether you are heading down to the beach for some ‘fun in the sun’ or hitting the park with friends; these healthy summer picnic ideas will turn each outing […]

Review of Fresh n’ Lean meal delivery

Fresh n lean

Review of Fresh n’ Lean The Vegan meal delivery service, Fresh n’ Lean, sent over a complimentary box of their meals to try this week. The overall verdict? Well, to say I loved it would be an understatement. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I ended up eating all six meals in just two […]


capri sun loot

This is a sponsored post. It’s official…I’m a Capri Sun Crew Ambassador! As part of the #CapriSunCrew, I was recently invited to the Kraft Headquarters for a sponsored immersion event. What an amazing experience this was. While my family has always enjoyed a variety of Kraft products in our home, after learning what I did […]

A new tuna in town…


This Moody Mama received two cans of tuna in the mail a couple weeks ago to review.  I was thinking cool….but I wasn’t anticipating an earth shaking experience since I’m not a huge tuna fan, unless you pile in the mayo, onion, celery etc…(hmmm…now I’m a little hungry!)  One afternoon I decided to break out […]

10 Healthy Eating Tips To Not Gain Weight This Holiday Season

10 tips to eat without gaining weight this Holiday season

I have been practicing mindfulness and awareness in everything I do this season and this is even more applicable where food is concerned. No American Holiday is complete without food but there are ways in which one can enjoy the treats without gaining weight. Here are 10 things which I have discovered that work as […]

A Slice Of Heaven:Best Christmas Cake Recipe That You Simply have To Try!

Best Christmas cake recipe

I am back to baking with gusto and have come across many simple Holiday recipes that are extremely easy to make.  Not only is today’s recipe sure to get you in the Holiday mood, if you aren’t already, it can even be made months in advance-so do remember it for next year’s Holidays. I am […]

14 Kitchen Hacks Every Cook Should Know

14 Kitchen hacks all cooks should know

Often we take things in the kitchen for granted leading to spills, accidents and waste of time. Sometimes, we do things wrong when it comes to cooking reducing the ingredient’s flavor and affecting the overall taste of the food. So today, I am listing down little kitchen hacks everyone (all cooks) should know about.   […]

4 Mashed Potato Recipes with A Gorgeous Twist

Mashed potato recipes with a twist

Mashed potatoes are an all-time Holiday favorites as a side dish and are seen on most tables during Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. This year, my mum and I thought we would try out different variations of this family favorite. So, if you are bored of eating the same old, same old, try these 4 variations […]

Thanksgiving Recipes – New Twists on Old Favorites


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if you’re hosting company this holiday season, you’re probably already planning your meal. Of course you’ve got to have the traditional favorites – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. What other dishes are traditional for your family? Growing up, Thanksgiving dinner at our house was always exactly […]

4 Healthy and Hearty Soup Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter

hearty soups

As the weather turns colder, nothing calls out to me more than a warm and hearty soup to drive that chill out. These days, it’s a given that I hardly have time to cook. So, soup is definitely there on the menu. So, today, I thought I would share these 4 hearty soup recipes. Some […]