5 Effective Tactics To Stop Hair Loss-My Story

hair thinning-fight hair loss using these methods

It is estimated that nearly two thirds of the women all around the world fight hair loss. I have been suffering from thinning hair since a while now but thankfully, I have met a good trichologist who has given me a good hair care regime to slow this down. There are many activities which we […]

Moxie Glam Photography Studio

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Everyone has an inner supermodel!  At least that is what a local photography studio states and from the recent pictures they just took of me…I am a believer!  Now..I can’t show you these photos because they make me blush a little.  You can check out their website here Moxie Glam Photography Studio.   Here is a […]

Vaginal Steaming And Other Weird Celebrity Beauty Secrets

weird celebrity beauty secrets

GOOP fame Gwyneth ‘conscious uncoupling’ Paltrow recently raised some eyebrows (again!) by stating that she steam cleans her vagina. Weird, huh? Today, I am enlisting some of the weirdest celebrity beauty secrets/remedies used by our favorite celebs who are supposedly role models for many women in the country and aboard.

6 Baby Products Moms Can Steal From Their Baby

products moms and babies can use

I love buying natural and gentle baby products for my lil’ one and naturally, I often feel tempted to use them on myself. I am sure; many moms feel the same way. I have often indulged in the sweet smelling mild baby shampoos or even the yummy fruit flavored baby lotions and creams. My hands […]

How to Wash Your Hair the RIGHT Way


How to Wash Your Hair the RIGHT Way Everyone knows how to wash their hair, right? You can’t even count the number of times you’ve done it in your lifetime! But do you have the confidence that you are washing your hair correctly? Do you know the simple hair-washing steps that will keep your locks […]

Prevent stretch marks, I did!


THIS IS NOT A PAID POST While I was pregnant with my little peanut, I did so much research on preventing stretch marks. There are so many different types of products out there, my head was spinning! Which one do I choose? Which reviews do I trust? Finally, the product that saved my tummy was […]

L’Occitane Limited Edition Shea Butter Honey Whipped Body Cream


I have this problem in the winter of cold, rough, scaly, dry skin. My hands are especially bad and often crack open and bleed. It’s not very pleasant and it’s actually quite embarrassing. In order to keep my hands soft and moisturized I have to use a good cream or lotion. Today I’m going to […]

New & Improved Dove Body Washes


I know I’ve been writing about skincare a lot lately and it’s because I’m always looking for ways to pamper my skin. In the winter months I have especially dry skin and if I don’t use moisturizing products, it hurts! The Dove brand has been trusted by family and friends for years. I have used […]

Luxurious Natural Skincare from Mainely Cole’s {WIN!}


I love trying new skincare products and prefer to use natural products whenever possible. I discovered Mainely Cole’s through another blog and knew I had to try their products. Mainely Cole’s products are hand-crafted in Maine and are made to rejuvenate your skin and hair. By using natural ingredients, Mainely Cole’s products address many issues […]

New Winter Lip Care from Blistex


The winter weather can be hard on the delicate skin on your lips. Every year I stock up on Blistex products to help keep my lips feeling and looking their best. Blistex has been making breakthrough lip care solutions for more than 60 years and this year I am excited about two new Blistex products […]