Moody Mama reviews Celsius Flo Fusion Pre-Workout formula

flo fusion berry

A few weeks ago Moody Mama received some samples of a Pre-Workout drink to try.  Made by Celsius, titled Flo Fusion Pre-Workout Formula.  Here is this Moody Mama’s honest feedback about the product: I’m the oldest of the Moody Mama’s but I workout 3 to 4 times a week with a trainer. At 46, I need every […]

A new tuna in town…


This Moody Mama received two cans of tuna in the mail a couple weeks ago to review.  I was thinking cool….but I wasn’t anticipating an earth shaking experience since I’m not a huge tuna fan, unless you pile in the mayo, onion, celery etc…(hmmm…now I’m a little hungry!)  One afternoon I decided to break out […]

Tips For A Great Staycation-Part 2

staycation ideas and sample schedule

In our second part of tips for a great Staycation, we are presenting sample schedules that your family could use for the most perfect stay-at-home-vacation ever. Remember: this is just a sample, so feel free to tweak it a bit and do things that are fun for you and your loved ones…

Review of Curious George Adventures in Learning

Curious George

Moody Mama received the following product free in exchange for this review, all of the opinions stated are my own.  Upon receiving the Curious George Adventures in Learning Grade K ages 5-6,  I was very excited. Curious George is a well known character of my past and my children are now becoming familiar with him as well. This workbook […]

Tips For A Great Staycation-Part 1

family staycation ideas and tips

A staycation simply means a ‘vacation at home’. As the economy crumbles and gas prices increase, more and more Americans are choosing to save money and spend their holidays in the comforts of their home. However, in order to truly relax and recharge ones’ batteries, some legwork is necessary to help one make the most […]

5 Effective Tactics To Stop Hair Loss-My Story

hair thinning-fight hair loss using these methods

It is estimated that nearly two thirds of the women all around the world fight hair loss. I have been suffering from thinning hair since a while now but thankfully, I have met a good trichologist who has given me a good hair care regime to slow this down. There are many activities which we […]

For The Love of Fabric: Review of Zazzle Fabrics

zazzle fabrics review

This is a sponsored review of Zazzle-a website that could be your one stop shop for gifts and craft projects: clothes, accessories, greeting cards as well as special occasional/seasonal favorites.

Top Tips To Get The Best Hotel Deals

hotel deals top tips

Spring break is almost here, and I have got travel on my mind. Here are some ways you can use to get the best hotel deals…

Moxie Glam Photography Studio

mini logo

Everyone has an inner supermodel!  At least that is what a local photography studio states and from the recent pictures they just took of me…I am a believer!  Now..I can’t show you these photos because they make me blush a little.  You can check out their website here Moxie Glam Photography Studio.   Here is a […]

7 All Natural & Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Recipes

non toxic homemade cleaning remedies

Given the toxins we are bombarded with on a day-to-day basis, I thought of making my own homemade cleaning recipes. I am sharing 7 of these ultra easy homemade non toxic cleaning recipes for different surfaces…