Best Travel Products 2015 Reviewed!

Best Travel Products 2015

(Note-this is not a paid review. These are products I have used and loved and wanted to share them with you!) Now that fall is here, most families are getting ready for … [Continue]

Summer To Fall Makeup Transition Ideas For Working Moms

makeup tips for eye makeup for moms- fall makeup ideas

It is that time of the year where we are cutting down beach visits and looking forward to Fall’s beautiful colors, getting our boots ready and airing out our Fall wardrobe. So can … [Continue]

How To Get Kids To Love Their Veggies

how to get kids to eat veggies

I used to often think if meal times in other homes were similar to mine – power struggles between your children and you or if they involved heavy duty negotiations. Eat your … [Continue]

7 DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

DIY wrapping paper ideas

There have been several instances where the kids are home bound either due to the weather or because they have been unwell or during the holidays. I always try and find things for … [Continue]

3 Low Glycemic Index Breakfast Recipes

low glycemic index foods frittata

We have heard and read enough about why eating a good and healthy breakfast is so important not just for adults but for children too. Yes, mornings do get crazy in most households … [Continue]

Sit-ups And 4 Other Exercises That Do Not Work

exercises that do not work

I am no gym rat, because sometimes frankly, I do not have the time to go hit the gym and exercise. While I try to eat healthy, I do like the fact that I get some me time while I … [Continue]

Are You Aging Too Fast? 5 Signs Your Body Wants You To Slow Down

aging too fast

I can hear you saying, "what is she talking about?- we cannot slow down or reverse aging!" But come to think of it, we are certainly living a lot longer than our ancestors. That … [Continue]

Vegan Comfort Foods I love

vegan comfort foods Moody Mama

Each one of us has certain food favorites that we like to eat, perhaps to serve as a reminder of our childhood days, sometimes to warm us on cold and rainy days or to perk us up … [Continue]

I Am Teaching My Kids About Money. Are You?

teaching my kids about money

My younger one just received some cash for his birthday. He asked me whether he should spend it on a video game chip for his Nintendo®. Of course not! I exclaimed. This was the … [Continue]

Tips To Use Less Plastic Compared To The Average American

use less plastic to save oceans

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was teach music and tend to my own garden. Today, I am a working mom; I neither teach music nor have a garden. But one thing that makes … [Continue]