Simple Living Tips From MoodyMama

simple living tips

Today this moody mama is presenting simple living tips to help you live healthier and cleaner lifestyles. These tips are great for not just incorporating green practices for our … [Continue]

Summer Humidity Getting The Better of Your Hair? Here’s What You Can Do!

protect your hair from summer humidity

Here are some stylist recommended tips to help you keep your hair in top shape this humid summer season. … [Continue]

These Songs Are On My Summer Playlist. What’s On Yours?


Today, I am sharing a list of songs that are on my summer playlist. Some of these have been number one on the charts across the world, some of them are old; yet all of them I … [Continue]

Combating Loneliness in Marriage

loneliness in marriage

I am writing on a sensitive issue today. I have a friend who happens to be in love with another married man (despite having a husband and two kids). Common enough these days, isn’t … [Continue]

Olive versus Coconut Oil – Which Is Better?

olive versus coconut oil

I have written several times about my battle with alopecia as well as about my love for all things natural these days, especially as far as beauty, skin and hair care are … [Continue]

Smells Be Gone! Natural Ways To Banish Odors From Indoors and Outdoors

banishodors- household odors naturally

When you have kids and pets, your life comes with its fair share of odors. Fortunately, you do not have to live with them, nor do you have to resort to chemical sprays or methods … [Continue]

Memorial Day Recipes And Ideas

Memorial Day Recipes and Ideas

Nothing announces the arrival of summer quite like Memorial Day. I love to invite friends and family I haven’t seen all winter and, weather permitting, we like to take the party … [Continue]

Moody Mama’s Pet Birthday Party Ideas

pet birthday party ideas

Pets are our best friends and it is only natural that we show our love and gratitude to them from time to time. If your pet is having a birthday soon, why not use these pet … [Continue]

Top Tips To Keep Your Clothes Looking Brand New!

keep clothes looking brand new

Notice how clothes start looking dull and faded in just a few months? It is not only due to daily wear and usage, but also due to harsh laundry detergents and the heat of dryers. … [Continue]

Summer Fun with Family, Friends & Capri Sun!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. #caprisuncrew School will be out soon and summer fun is calling! With all the summer festivities, including Memorial Day, just around the … [Continue]