6 Things I Have Learned Over The Years Regarding Customized Holiday Cards

What i have learned while making customized holiday cards

The holiday cards you send out to greet your near and dear ones are a great way of not just  taking cute pictures of your family but also for getting into the mood of the Holidays. … [Continue]

14 Kitchen Hacks Every Cook Should Know

14 Kitchen hacks all cooks should know

Often we take things in the kitchen for granted leading to spills, accidents and waste of time. Sometimes, we do things wrong when it comes to cooking reducing the ingredient’s … [Continue]

4 Tips to Travel For Less

ideas to travel for less

If you have dreams of traveling in 2015 but wish to do so on a tight budget, then read on; I have important tips for you. Using these travel for less ideas, you can see the world … [Continue]

What Your Kids Really Need for Christmas, part 2

What your kids really need for Christmas

Yesterday we talked about what your kids really need for Christmas. Getting time, love and respect from their parents is far more valuable than anything we could buy for … [Continue]

4 Mashed Potato Recipes with A Gorgeous Twist

Mashed potato recipes with a twist

Mashed potatoes are an all-time Holiday favorites as a side dish and are seen on most tables during Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. This year, my mum and I thought we would try … [Continue]

What Your Kids Really Need for Christmas, part 1

What your kids really need for Christmas

Thanksgiving has come and gone and the Christmas season is officially upon us! Of course Christmas means gift-giving, and maybe deciding what to give your kids is the most … [Continue]

8 Tips For Coping With Holiday Stress

holiday cheer and stress reduction

Children inevitably look forward to the Holidays but most grownups tend to get stressed by the mere thought of cooking, cleaning, shopping and the decorations etc. So today, I … [Continue]

Thankful Thursday Week 4

thankful thursdays

Happy Thanksgiving! We've been celebrating thankfulness and positive thinking the whole month of November with our Thankful Thursday post each week. Now the big holiday is here - … [Continue]

Thanksgiving Decor: 5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Thanksgiving Decor for Ambiance

In the last few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we've talked about planning for the holidays and finding great new twists on old recipes. But if you're hosting a party or even if … [Continue]

Everything You Need to Know about Full moon party in Thailand

full moon party Thailand -what should and shouldn't you do there

Read reviews about any of the top full moon parties in Thailand, and you would probably hear varied opinions. Some say these parties are extremely enjoyable and fun; still others … [Continue]