Indian Style Oven Baked Naan Recipe

oven baked naan recipe

My family loves Indian food and we often go to dine at Indian restaurants. The tandoori chicken and Naan is a must have on our lists on these occasions. I wanted to try out Naan … [Continue]

5 Beauty Resolutions (Beautylutions) I Have Made for 2015

beauty resolutions for 2015

As I look back on 2014, there are a million things I could have done differently. I am sure most of us have regrets and these regrets push us to make resolutions at the beginning … [Continue]

Simple Gluten and Dairy Free Christmas Cake

gluten and dairy free Christmas cake

There are many reasons why we should be avoiding dairy and gluten. Dairy is now being linked to hormonal problems including acne, irritable bowel syndrome etc. It is believed that … [Continue]

10 Healthy Eating Tips To Not Gain Weight This Holiday Season

10 tips to eat without gaining weight this Holiday season

I have been practicing mindfulness and awareness in everything I do this season and this is even more applicable where food is concerned. No American Holiday is complete without … [Continue]

5 Celebs Who Totally Get On My Nerves


When it comes to Hollywood celebrities, the attitude best held is ‘to each his/her own’. Some celebs are oh-so sweet that they duly earn the title of America’s Sweethearts. They … [Continue]

A Slice Of Heaven:Best Christmas Cake Recipe That You Simply have To Try!

Best Christmas cake recipe

I am back to baking with gusto and have come across many simple Holiday recipes that are extremely easy to make.  Not only is today’s recipe sure to get you in the Holiday mood, if … [Continue]

Pantone Color of the Year 2015 and How I Plan to Incorporate It


Pantone-the well known color experts, need no introduction. Each year they announce a shade that gets the all important color of the year award. Last year, it was Radiant Orchid- a … [Continue]

5 Airplane Survival Tips For Moms Traveling With a Young Child

survival tips for air travel with kids

Traveling alone with young children is never an easy job for  parents. Add to it the cramped up spaces of airplanes and no partner  to help you along and the journey ends up being … [Continue]

9 out of 10 Parents Make These Parenting Mistakes (Me Included)

parenting mistakes

I am no expert in parenting-but I have learned a lot from my mom and I believe I ended up alright (smile and wink). However, many new and old parents tend to make certain mistakes … [Continue]

8 Fail-Proof Beauty& Makeup Hacks That Every Busy-Mom Must Know

beauty and makeup hacks

A busy mother has an endless list of things to do and she often leaves her home without makeup on. Even her shopping list comprises of items for her household and kids but many … [Continue]