2 Very Simple Chocolate Recipes For Valentine’s Day

Easy Chocolate pudding for Valentine's Day

What better way than chocolate to impress your sweetie with this Valentine’s Day? Enjoy my take on 2 Very Simple Chocolate Recipes- a no-hassle chocolate pudding and an almost … [Continue]

Fifty Shades Of Hype?

fifty shades of grey hype

Hollywood is always known to create a buzz around upcoming movie releases and some of this hype –to be quite honest-is actually rather confusing and often always completely … [Continue]

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas With Kids: Crafts Recipes And More

Valentine's Day party ideas

Valentine’s Day is always the same at school: kids eat cookies and candy and distribute Valentine Cards to their classmates. How about making things a bit different this … [Continue]

6 Happiness Secrets Every Mom Should Know

moody mama's secrets for happiness

A happy mom leads to a happy family. If you have been feeling down lately, read these happiness mantras that are sure to reinforce the fact that ‘being happy is a choice you make … [Continue]

Vaginal Steaming And Other Weird Celebrity Beauty Secrets

weird celebrity beauty secrets

GOOP fame Gwyneth ‘conscious uncoupling’ Paltrow recently raised some eyebrows (again!) by stating that she steam cleans her vagina. Weird, huh? Today, I am enlisting some of the … [Continue]

10 Books To Curl Up With This Winter

winter books you will love

It’s cold and grey outside, and if you love books like I do, I have the perfect list of titles you will love curling up with… … [Continue]

An Honest Letter To Parents-To-Be

letter to parents-to-be

Today, Moody Mama is penning an honest letter to new parents (and to-be parents) regarding some simple pleasures couples give up after having children. … [Continue]

January Is Mental Health Month: What Can We Do To Ensure Mental Wellness in Kids?

preventing depression in kids

Statistics pertaining to depression are alarming: by the end of this year 10% of the world’s population will be diagnosed with this malady. And these are just the new cases-imagine … [Continue]

Book Review: A New Coat For Anna by Harriet Ziefert

A new coat for Anna by Harriet Ziefert

2014 saw some amazing books for children and today I would like to especially recommend A New Coat For Anna by Harriet Ziefert illustrated by Anita Loebel. It is a priceless story … [Continue]

Mom on Strike: Parent Revolts Against Teens’ Behavior

mother on strike parenting

Recently, there was a news report about a single NC mother who went on a ‘strike’ to protest against her teenage daughters’ behavior. Naasira Muhammad says she walked until her … [Continue]