To Color or Not to Color? Growing Gray Gracefully

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At some time in most women’s lives, they have to decide: to dye their hair or let it gray naturally. While on one hand gray hair doesn’t have to define your age or appearance, many people fear it will do just that. There are several arguments for and against letting your hair gray as you age.

Is Your Hair Unhealthy or Thinning?

Before you make the decision to stop dyeing your hair or not to begin coloring after your first gray hairs appear, consider whether your hair is healthy or not. If you’ve been dyeing your hair for some time, you may have noticed that your hair has become more brittle, or that your hair is thinning. Thinning hair can also be caused by factors such as genes and stress. Try to encourage more hair growth if your hair is thinner before going gray. Gray, thinning hair may be harder for your self-image to embrace than thinning hair of a dyed color. Taking the right vitamins and applying Nioxin hair growth systems could assist in thickening your hair.

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If you maintain your hair well, a healthy head of gray hair can look as nice as a healthy head of dyed hair. Keep in mind that when people think of “healthy” hair, they’re thinking also about the appearance of the scalp, the hair ends and the amount of shine on the lengths of your hair. Dyeing your hair can stress out your scalp, dull your lengths and make hair brittle and more prone to breakage. Choosing to go natural may help your hair’s overall appearance simply because you won’t be relying on bottled color and suffering from its side effects.

How Much Do You Rely on Your Appearance?

We all know physical attributes shouldn’t determine how you are perceived at your job, but your appearance does matter. If you are in a profession where you rely on making a visual impact, such as sales, teaching or customer service, you’ll need to think carefully about whether having gray hair will help or hurt your career. Depending on how you dress and style your hair, gray hair may seriously impact your professional life. If you tend to dress conservatively or prefer to be less meticulous about your personal appearance, then gray hair may make you seem older than you are.

Do You Wear Your Hair Long or Short?

Men and women who have had long- or medium-length hair for years often struggle with the decision to cut their hair when they start going gray. If you dye your hair, keeping a shorter cut will be more easily managed at home and less expensive in the salon. Even if you choose to dye your hair yourself to cut costs, the process will be faster if you have short hair.

However, if you choose to let your hair gray naturally, you may be tempted to keep your hair long. There are many examples of elegant people who have kept their gray or white hair long. Not all hair types will have success with long gray hair. People who have naturally fine hair may find that the incoming gray strands are thicker and wirier than their original color’s hair. This can cause some problems with styling hair. If this is the case for you, it might be wise to cut your hair during the transition and grow it out again after more gray has come in.

Do You Have Other Options?

Going gray is not always an either-or decision. You may find a balance of highlights or lowlights that camouflages your gray hair with colored stands. Men who love low-maintenance looks might try shaving their scalps completely. Discuss your options with your stylist and get a second opinion if necessary. You owe it to yourself to look great, gray hair or no gray hair.

About the Author: Phyllis Erickson is a life coach who decided to go gray at age 35. Since then, she’s advised many business people on how to adjust their look for personal and professional reasons.

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  1. Mai says:

    I’m 30 and I’m beginning to see gray hair starting to grow in numbers! (I’m sure I got it from my dad). Hubby doesn’t want me to dye my hair but I don’t think I can handle not dyeing it! I just need to color but I need to choose organics so it wont be harmful… >.<
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