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PSA:  I received a personalized baby blanket to facilitate this review. As always, opinions are my own.

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When Ethan was born in 2002, my mother made him a baby blanket. She had planned on making Trent a baby blanket too, but he was born 13 weeks early so he never got his own baby blanket – until now. I recently ordered a personalized baby blanket from Fill in the Blankie and I’d like to share my experience with you.

Our Thoughts

Fill in the Blankie offers several different styles of baby blankets which are sorted from soft to softest on their website. It took me a bit to decide which blanket I wanted and I decided on the Hazel’s Pride and Joy style. Once I decided I was a bit disappointed to discover that my choice of color – laskeside reflection blue, was not available. I knew for sure that I wanted that blanket style so I settled for the gingersnap cookie color. This particular style of blanket is available in two sizes – 33×33 or 26×26 inches. Being that Trent is now almost 8 years old, I decided to go with the larger blanket.

After I decided on my blanket style, size and color I had to decide what I’d like embroidered on the satin on all four sides. I also had to choose the font style (they offer several) and color of thread I wanted them to use for the embroidery. They offer glow in the dark thread in several colors so that is what I chose. Unfortunately, their machines have a hard time handling some of the glow in the dark thread so I had to choose regular thread. That was a bit of a disappointment, because Trent would have loved the glow in the dark thread. You can have whatever text you’d like embroidered on your blanket or up to 50 characters per side. They also have many different suggestions if you’re unsure of what to have put on your blanket. Trent and I have our own special song (Rock-a-bye Baby), so that is what I had embroidered on his blanket.

Fill in the Blankie also gives you the opportunity to add a special icon and/or a cute little stuffed animal to your order. I showed Trent the site and asked him which animal he would like, and as it turns out the only one available was the pig. We settled for the pig and Trent anxiously waited for the blanket to arrive.

FIll in the Blankie collage

Fill in the Blankie Blanket

We received the blanket less than two weeks after placing the order, which isn’t bad considering each blanket is personalized. Trent liked the blanket but was a bit disappointed about the size. Of course you have to consider that he isn’t a baby or toddler so to him it does seem small. The blanket style I ordered (Hazel’s Pride & Joy) was rated a 10/10 for the cuddle factor or softness and listed as a medium weight. I was expecting a super-soft blanket with a substantial weight to it and it was nothing like I expected. The material is scratchy (even after laundering) and I would say it is not much thicker than a flannel sheet. We have a cotton blanket I purchased at a department store for $13 (full size) that is softer and better quality material. This baby blanket would have cost me $160 if I had purchased it myself. For that kind of money I was expecting a luxurious, high quality baby blanket and that’s definitely not what I received. If I would have purchased it myself I would have been an unhappy customer.

The little stuffed pig we received with the blanket was a welcome surprise. It is made of corduroy and is very soft and cuddly. If you choose to order a stuffed animal with your blanket it does cost an additional $24.

Pros & Cons





large selection of blanket styles, fonts and thread colors not everything on the site is available to order
 site is easy to use quality is not as advertised
 reasonable shipping speed pricey
 email order confirmation no return policy listed
 gift options


To Purchase

You can purchase a personalized baby blanket online at Prices vary depending on the blanket and any extras you choose to order.

Learn More

Visit Fill in the Blankie to learn more about their baby blankets. You can contact them via email at

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  1. Devon says:

    This company is awful! Do not order from them! Although my daughter received one of their blankets several years ago and we loved it, I ordered one as a gift almost 6 wks. ago and the blanket has yet to be delivered. I have called and left Todd 3 voice messages which he has ignored. My 3 emails to the company were answered with a generic form email. They are definitely not my, “friends at Fill In the Blankie!!!”

    • Kristine says:

      I am so disappointed with Fill in the Blankie! I have ordered several of these after receiving one as a gift, but I ordered one over 6 weeks ago and have not yet received. I haven’t received any response to my numerous phone calls and emails either.

  2. Michelle Lombardi says:

    This company is out of business. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Check out their profile on BBB. They ripped me off. They will charge you and never ship the goods.

    • BEH says:

      That explains why they haven’t called me back after a month of emails and phone calls. I ordered gift certificates that wouldn’t work so I contacted them and they never responsed.

    • Erika says:

      Why is their website still up and running and open for business? I placed an order November 20 for $118. No communication no response no nothing from this company since. How can I get my money back? This is so upsetting and so unfair not only to me, but to anyone who has been taken by this company.

      • Andrea Hatfield says:

        Hi Erika,

        I’m sorry that this has happened to you. I don’t know how you should go about trying to get your money back. Maybe contact your credit card company? I would also suggest you contact the Better Business Bureau.

  3. Kathy Bishop says:

    I just contacted my credit card company for a refund for a Blankie that I ordered on July 27th 2012. I am a repeat customer and my 3 year old grandson LOVES his blankie( he won’t go anywhere without it) I really wanted one for our new granddaughter who will be arriving in October and her baby shower is in September so I ordered it in plenty of time. What a disappointment! If I could have just gotten a call, an update, something to let me know IF the blankie was coming! Instead they got paid, in full, and avoided my latest emails and phone calls. Do the HONEST thing. Don’t take money that’s not yours. Go out of business gracefully. Sure, it’s a very nice, and very expensive blanket. A token of love from grandparents to a new grandchild. Shame on you Fill In The Blankie!

  4. Lisa says:

    I ordered a blanket on March 1st, my neighbor ordered one at end of March and my MIL ordered one at the beginning of April. Today is June 5th and none of us have received our orders! But all our credit cards have been charged! Gurrrr! THIS IS A SCAM! We have all called and emiled nunerous times and NO response! Both my neighbor and I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Shame on you Todd Lilly and Fill in the Blankie! SHAME!!

    • Justin says:

      *** WARNING ***


      This company is out of business per the BBB, with an F rating and 50+ unresolved complaints.

      Further, they have recently run 50% off gift card purchase promotions in order to fraudulently collect money from customers with no intention of ever fulfilling blanket orders against those gift cards.

      Please dispute any charges you have made with the company with your credit card ASAP and file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General against:

      Sonya Bebeblankee LLC dba Fill In The Blankie

      • Erika says:

        Thanks much for this information.

    • Cindy Gray says:

      I ordered from them over 5 weeks ago and still haven’t received my blanket. Production time said 6-8 business days! I have contacted them email and had to leave voicemails numerous times and can not get no response! It really wouldn’t do for me to be able to get a hold of them. I have posted every place I can on here to do not order from their site

  5. Jamie says:

    Ordered on april 1st and still have not received it….they did charge my credit card though! I have called and emailed and never heard back. They are crooks!!!

  6. Jaqui says:

    I ordered a blankie on April 3rd for my God Daughter/Niece’s Baptism on April 29th. Definitely thought that over 3.5 weeks was enough lead time but have seen hide nor hair of the blankie at this point and have no response to both email and phone messages to the company. Obviously, I am getting VERY nervous and reading reviews this morning is increasing my anxiety. Still hoping for a positive outcome but this company does a horrible job communicating with customers. Unlike most internet-based businesses they don’t send confirmation emails, don’t indicate when a product is ready, and when it’s been shipped. They were quick to process my credit card, however!

    • Andrea says:

      I am sorry that you had a bad experience. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I always love to see honest reviews of products. This is a well written, informative review.

    And $160 on a blanket, no way. I bought a lot of high end things for my son when I first had him but would never spend this much on a blanket.

  8. erin says:

    Glow in the dark thread would have been cool! I never heard about that before.

    My sons have blankets that are minky soft, though, and handmade for way less than $160. As an average mom, I can’t imagine spending that much on my kids for a blanket they can’t cuddle with big time!

    But I really appreciate your honest review! You absolutely rock with that chart!

  9. As a consumer, I really appreciate your honesty, because it doesn’t always happen on blogs that do reviews! As a mom, I don’t think that I could ever justify spending $160 on a blanket (of any kind, baby or otherwise), however, if I did spend that kind of money on a blanket and it wasn’t soft, cuddly and absolutely everything that the website tells you it is, I would be extremely upset!

    Thanks for the honest review!
    Misadventurous Mommy´s last post ..My Experience(s) With Induced Labor!

  10. Kathy says:

    We received one of these blankets for a gift when my son was born. I adore it! I didn’t have to pay for it, but I know my son will love it for years and years to come. Mine is extremely soft, I tried to figure out what blanket it was from their website, but I am not sure. It kinda looks like yours but we got it about 2 1/2 years ago. I do appreciate your honest review!
    Kathy´s last post ..Artichoke Spinach Lasagna

  11. Nichol says:

    Great review. I appreciate that you pointed out about the options however you couldn’t get them. That is VERY frustrating when ordering from retailers. Also, this is a baby blanket, no way would I ever pay $160+ but do appreciate prices start at just $39. You made some great points.
    Nichol´s last post ..Amazing Recipe Videos

  12. To be honest, I would pay $160 for a blanket if it was great quality, but it has to be worth it (I totally believe your get what you pay for, and for $160, I better be happy!).

    As a reader, I appreciate your honesty because you are protecting the consumer, and in this economy we can’t afford to buy things that don’t give us the most for our dollar, and it’s frustrating to read reviews that speak glowingly about a product (because the blogger got it for free) and when I get it, I’m not happy about it. I don’t trust the reviewer after that. I feel like I can trust your reviews.
    Penelope´s last post ..Penelope’s Baklava Recipe

  13. Emily says:

    It is great to see honest reviews and as we know different people have different experiences. As a regular mom I would have a hard time spending $160 on a baby blanket that might get lost and spit up on (amongst other bodily fluids), I wouldn’t need a negative or positive review to know that it’s not for me. No doubt that a lot of love, heart, and soul goes into this company and their products, but I see these types of blankies being only purchased by celebrities and the upper class, but perhaps that is their target market.
    Emily´s last post ..Artistry’s Creme LuXury Eye. New!

  14. Hi all — this is Todd Lilly — and I am the Owner and President of Fill In The Blankie;

    A couple points of clarification — if I may;

    1. The blanket you ordered is a baby blankie — not necessarily a blanket designed for an 8 year old. Even beginning to suggest it’s undersized is a little misleading.

    2. Also — our pricing for personalized blankets start at $39 (not mentioned in the review). The old adage — “that you get what you pay for” is certainly true with us. The blanket you ordered is priced at $109. It’s 100% Egyptian Cotton. The $109 is INCLUSIVE of all the personalization that allows you to tell a story along the 4 satin edges (up to 50 characters per side). The blanket itself is manufactured in Portugal by one of the finest Linen makers in the world — Sferra. Neiman Marcus and Horchow (along with many luxury retailers and high-end hotels/resorts around the world) proudly carry and/or use Sferra Linens.

    Quality and craftsmanship come at a price…
    Is fleece comfy and soft? Sure?
    Is it a quality made product? No, not at all.

    There’s easily $50-60 worth of embroidery included in the price of the blanket.

    3. Regarding the timing — if you order a personalized blanket or towel from any major retailer (where you can only have them embroider a name, date of birth, or a monogram — in one of 5 font styles)) the lead time is 4-6 weeks. You received your order in 8 business days (including the 2-3 business days it takes to ship via Priority Mail). That’s another one of our points of difference — again — that we take great pride in.

    We also offer a “rush production” service for customers that need to get their gift made and shipped out within 2 business days. Again — this is something we offer as a service to our customers that want to be super thoughtful and practical with their gifting.

    4. Regarding the glow-in-the-dark thread; it’s new technology — that very few offer — that we decided to take on and try. When you placed your order — Rachel wrote you back to let you know that our machines were having a really tough time handling the thread — and recommended that you go with a traditional thread. If you had paid for it — it would have most certainly been credited.

    5. We featured the “Piggy” — not because we don’t like to offer our customers choices — but, because the product is called — “Pig In a Blankie.”

    Not trying to be defensive here — but, we take a great deal of pride, care, time and expense making each one of the personalized blankets that we are commissioned to make.

    We are very small company and pour our heart and soul into our work.

    We are not for everyone. No two ways about it.

    But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t speak up to protect the reputation of our product and our employees — that come to work everyday trying to deliver great service and produce the most thoughtful, memorable and practical baby gift they possibly can.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Todd, thank you for your comment.

      In regards to the size, I was quite clear that it was small to my son because he is nearly 8 years old. As far as the timing goes I did not say anything negative about that at all, so I’m unsure why you are bringing that up. The reason I mentioned the piggy was because on your website it looks as though you offer different animals besides the pig, in fact this is what it states -

      Let Sonya tuck “Brownie The Pig” (our super-soft 15″ swine) or ones of his co-horts into your blankie

      and it also has little buttons to select the different animals below the photo of the pig on your site – except that you can’t select anything other than the pig.

      As far as the glow in the dark thread goes, I was given a gift code to order the blanket. I added the glow in the dark thread which made the cost of my blanket with shipping $160.75 of which I paid $10.75 out of pocket. Being that the glow in the dark thread adds an additional $18 to the cost I really should have been refunded what I paid out of my own pocket to review your product. I didn’t even mention this in my review.

      My point in the review was that if you’re going to offer something on your website, as a consumer it’s disappointing when the item isn’t available to purchase. I could understand if something was sold out but that isn’t the case with the animals or glow in the dark thread.

      The material used in the Hazel’s Pride & Joy blanket was very thin. If you look at the photo of my son holding the blanket up you can actually see right through it. For such a high-priced item I expected a nice thick material that was soft. The blanket I referenced in my post was a full size (as in a full size bed) cotton blanket (not fleece) that I paid $13 for and the fabric was MUCH thicker than the blanket I received from your company.

      As a review blogger my readers expect honesty which means I tell both the good and the bad of every product. I did not speak against your employees in any way, I’m sure they are nice people. I am just disappointed in the blanket I received and if I would have actually paid the full $160.75 for it I would have sent it right back for a refund.

      I wish you all the best with your business.

      Andrea Hatfield

    • jgia says:

      WORST experience ever. Do NOT order from this company. I ordered 3 blankets in November in hopes to have them for x-mas. The first one I received (baby blue waffle weave) looked like a dirty dish towel. It was sea-foam green with light blue lettering (ewww) and was nothing near a waffle weave. It looked like a used blanket/dish rag. I emailed and called the company numerous times but never even received a call or email in return – terrible customer service!
      The second blanket was fine – but arrived AFTER xmas (mind you I ordered in November) and I flat out never received the third blanket. They did however charge my credit card for all 3 blankets. The credit card company has now taken over to dispute the charges.

      I have to laugh at your comment about how they take “great pride” on their timing – THEY NEVER SENT ME THE BLANKET yet took the money. They should say we take great pride in processing your credit card right away but not in actually delivering your product. (and when/if we deliver the quality is poor)


      • Andrea says:

        I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with Fill in the Blankie. Hopefully your credit card company can get the money put back into your account. I appreciate your comment.

    • Karen says:

      I have ordered blankets from Fill In The Blankie for several years now and have had nothing but positive experiences . . . until just recently. I ordered a blanket on April 22, 2012. My credit card was charged on April 23rd and today it is May 31 and still no blanket! I am so disappointed with this company. I have called Mr. Lilly several times and left several messages. I have also emailed several times as well, only to receive automated replys that are full of lies . . .

      Just a FYI that we really did receive your email.
      And truth be known — email truly is the easiest way to get in touch with us these days.
      We’re busy as little Swedish bees — working on blankie orders in back.
      If you would be so kind — just give us the benefit of one business day to look into your inquiry and get back to you with a thoughtful (and hopefully helpful) response and update.
      Thanks again so much for your email (and the order)!
      Very best regards,
      Your friends at Fill In The Blankie

      No one has responded to any of my several emails! This is so unacceptable. Who runs a business like this. I will never again order from this company.

    • maria says:

      i have ordered from them before and were great. later on i got a code to buy gift certificates from them at a discount so i did it with a christening gift in mind. so i placed my order and paid the difference. we’re talking $100+ here and the company will not send order details. like no reply via email or phone and now i don’t have a gift!
      i’m starting to realize their tactic was quick cash with the gift certificates up front and then bailing on their customers. what a mess!

  15. Hanan says:

    I think the whole idea of a personalized blanket is such a cute gift idea, however there is no way in hell I would pay $160 for JUST a blanket!!
    Hanan´s last post ..Kick off Superbowl with an Avocados from Mexico – Guac off Recipe Contest!

  16. I had seen these recently and thought they were neat, especially with new babies but I have to have the soft soft blankets for any of my little ones!
    Jenna @ For The Love of Baby!´s last post ..Sunday Stroll January 8th Weekly Giveaway Linky

  17. Katie says:

    Man, if I was going to pay $160 for a blanket (which I NEVER would) it had better come in the color I wanted, with the thread I wanted, and feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud!
    Katie´s last post ..Cute costumes aren’t just for skinny girls

  18. Lindsay says:

    I can’t stand when a site has all of these options listed, but then they aren’t really options at all. It’s such a let-down! And the fact that the blanket is $160 is simply outrageous! NO blanket is worth that kind of money!

  19. Jenn says:

    Firstly, I can’t see any blanket costing $160 unless it’s spun from gold. I would have been really upset to purchase a baby blanket at any price and find that it’s scratchy!
    Jenn´s last post ..Find Drs & make appointments with ease on

  20. I appreciate your honesty on the material — a very important factor to me when purchasing blankets for my kids. They’re all about soft and cuddly although I can’t imagine any blanket that size is worth $160. That’s a real shocker.
    Cat Davis´s last post ..Conversation Heart Brownie Bites for Valentine’s Day

  21. Shasta says:

    Sounds like a pretty disappointing experience. I would have been done shopping after the glow in the dark thread issue. I can’t stand when sites offer options and then they are not available. If it’s a newer business I guess I would understand, but it also shouldn’t be listed on the site!
    Shasta´s last post ..Stockpiling Long Term Foods