Eternity Rings: An Illustration of Eternal Love

This is a guest post.  About the Author: Cameron Henry is an event planner, wedding blogger, wife, and mother of two. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her family.

Although the engagement ring and wedding band are the ultimate symbols of marriage and the eternal bond that exists between a newly-united couple, there is another kind of ring that’s just as emblematic. Eternity rings, which are typically given to a spouse on a special occasion such as a milestone anniversary, are quickly becoming popular choices for engagement rings. Derived by the ancient Egyptians, eternity rings were created to embody the endless love between the giver and the receiver. Today, these rings still carry the same meaning and are still used as milestone markers in a couple’s relationship.

Wedding Rings

Similar to the engagement ring, eternity rings are available in a variety of designs, cuts, and stones. Although modern eternity rings are composed of a ring bearing several small diamonds or gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds mounted on a metal band, the classic eternity ring style, which consists of a snake swallowing its tail, is reemerging with a vintage appeal as contemporary brides-to-be and are sporting modified versions of this antiquated design. Due to their distinction and versatility, eternity rings are becoming a hit among both married and soon-to-be wed couples.

Bye, Bye Bland Wedding Band

Many couples choose to commemorate a milestone anniversary by upgrading their wedding bands and engagement rings, and eternity rings are swiftly becoming replacements for the bland wedding band as those wishing to display their marital bond in a unique fashion are choosing to these distinctive rings. This trend is nothing new as celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis have all donned eternity rings—Marilyn and Audrey opting to sport their eternity rings instead of traditional engagement rings. Modern eternity rings vary and are featured in an array of styles, including the half eternity ring or full eternity ring and the claw set, and integrate diamonds or gemstones. Besides these designs and cuts, eternity rings now come in a multitude of diverse metals and can be worn as a wedding band with an engagement ring or stacked in a set with other 77 eternity rings.

serpent ring

Eternal Classics with a Twist

Trendy couples are infusing eternity rings with style by using the traditional serpent eternity ring design to illustrate their never-ending love and endless connection to each other. The typical, classic serpent eternity ring consists of a single snake either wrapped around itself or of the serpent eating its tail, and striking gemstones, such as garnets and emeralds, are embedded in the eyes of the snake. This vintage style has been updated to include a range of stones and diamonds entwined with multiple snakes. Other adornments, like the use of rose gold and platinum as opposed to traditional yellow gold, are also being used to make these unique eternity rings. Thoughthis type of eternity ring is more often used to celebrate a notable event for a couple such as a major anniversary or the birth of a child, those soon-to-be wed are using serpent rings as their engagement rings or wedding bands.


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  1. For an eternity ring, I guess I lean toward the classic styling although that snake is cool just for a fun ring!
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    Oh I LOVE the top rings, so pretty! I need some new rings, I need to head over to this site and peek around.

  3. Tara says:

    Wow, I hadn’t seen a serpent eternity ring before. It’s very unique isn’t it?
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