5 Must-Have Items to Store in Your Bathroom

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Whether you only have one bathroom and several people who need to use it or you have several cramped bathrooms, most homes are short on bathroom space. That’s a problem when you consider that between items like toiletries, towels and cleaning supplies, there’s more you may want to store in your bathroom than you have room for. Focus on what to store and how to store it so you have what you need on hand — but never in the way.


Upgrade Your Storage Space

Invest in a storage-friendly bathroom vanity. Putting items in a cupboard under the sink or behind a mirror makes it easier to fit everything you need in the bathroom.

Think about the storage outside of the bathroom, too. If you’ve got space in the hallway, add a cupboard. Take a page out of dorm-room living and give everyone in the household a basket and fill it with their bathroom must-haves they don’t share with one another. Everyone carries the basket in with them whenever they’re going to shower or brush their teeth and takes it out again once they’ve finished.

The Basics

You need your toiletries in your bathroom. Whatever you use at the sink or in the shower, store in the bathroom if you’ve got space. These include:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Floss
  • Hand soap
  • Body soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Facial creams and cleansers

If you have too many people and not enough space, opt for the basket idea except for items you’re willing to share, like soaps and shampoo. Makeup isn’t one of your must-have basics, even if you do use it every day. Because a full set of makeup can prove rather space-consuming and leaving makeup in the bathroom exposes it to water damage, get a makeup bag. Bring it in and out of the bathroom with you if you use the bathroom mirror for application.


From drying your hands after washing them to drying yourself off after a shower, towels are a pretty integral part of the bathroom — and if you forget to take some in with you, you can be left dripping wet. Don’t store your entire supply of towels in the bathroom, but have at least one body towel and one hand towel in the cupboard or on a towel rack or towel heater. If you use washcloths for your face or in the shower, have one of those available too. Replace them every time you take one out of the bathroom to wash it.

Toilet Paper

Besides having a roll hanging and ready to use, store a spare roll or two of toilet paper in your bathroom — preferably under the cupboard where it’s out of the way. Store the rest of your toilet paper rolls out of the bathroom and out of the way. Replace the bathroom spares as soon as you deplete them, or you could be left in an uncomfortable situation the next time the roll on the holder runs out.

Hair Removal Supplies

Whatever you use to shave, tweeze or wax your hair, store in the bathroom, since you’re most likely to use them there after you open your pores with warm water and lubricate your skin with shaving cream or soap. Keep your hair removal supplies clean, dry and out of the way behind the mirror or in a cabinet when not in use. Cover the blades on any razors to avoid injury.

Hair Accessories

If you style your hair in the bathroom, store your hair accessories in there. This includes items like your:

  • Hairbrush
  • Comb
  • Hair dryer
  • Curling iron
  • Styling gel or spray
  • Ponytail holders, clips, barrettes, etc.

If, however, the bathroom is cramped and you have a bedroom vanity, consider moving your hair styling station there.

Anything you use in the bathroom relatively infrequently — cleaning supplies, for instance — should be kept out of a cramped bathroom. Store them in a cupboard outside of the bathroom or in another room entirely and grab them when needed. As About.com explains, one purpose of narrowing down your bathroom supplies to the must-haves is to keep your bathroom uncluttered and easy to use. Keep the room tidy and always put items away when not in use.

About the Author: Monique Garrett is a home-and-garden blogger. A former interior designer, she’s experienced in designing bathrooms optimal for storage.

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