A review of the Downey Ball


To be honest I was excited when I received a complimentary sample of the Downey Ball to review.   I was anxious  to try a new product for doing laundry in hopes of a change. I mean it's pretty mundane using the same products and doing the same laundry week after week. This is real mom life, surrounded by a constant stream of laundry whether it be clean or dirty. Two out of my three kids are highly sensitive and break out in rashes if we use anything with fragrance or dyes, so I have never used … [Continue]

Shower Wow

shower wow

My family received the Shower Wow and my 5 year old and 2 year old were begging to take a shower instead of a bath. This was the best thing for my 5 year old who we have been trying to transition from baths to showers. Even my 2 year old was wanting to take a shower and he was at the stage where all of sudden he didn’t want to have water poured on his head by anyone but himself so of course you can imagine soap got everywhere. I love my son but he was not able to get all the soap out of his hair … [Continue]

Car Valet

car valet

The Car Valet is wonderful. I received a sample to try a couple weeks ago and it has saved me from many spills in my car. I have a mini van, 3 kids and I can never have enough cup … [Continue]

Off Mosquito Lamp

off mosquito lamp

Let me start off by saying that I am the first to use essential oils or any homeopathic antidotes to treat any circumstance. So when I received the Off Mosquito Lamp to review I … [Continue]

The Card Ninja

ninja card

The Card Ninja is amazing! I received the Card Ninja in the color magenta which is not my favorite color but given the reason for its use I wasn’t being picky. I took it out of … [Continue]

Colgate Total Daily Repair


Colgate sent me their Total Daily Repair toothpaste to review and my initial thought was this toothpaste is great it doesn’t have the gritty feeling that leaves your mouth feeling … [Continue]

Persil 2 in 1 Laundry Detergent

persil 2

Persil is a very popular laundry detergent in Europe and has now come to the states. I had wanted to try it and to be honest, I love it already. I have been using the same … [Continue]

Sexy Costumes and Lingerie…Plus sizes too!

Facebook Cover

Hello Moody Mama's! For all of you HOT Mama's out there.....we have a deal for you!  Check out Moxie Glam Lingerie for great prices on adult costumes and sexy lingerie.  I love … [Continue]

Bedtime Conversation Every Parent Must Have With Their Kids

bed time rituals

Most of us have certain bedtime rituals at home especially when it comes to our kids. Having a warm bath, getting into PJs, reading a book aloud or telling a story. While we do … [Continue]

The Possible Police book review

possible police

I received a complementary copy of the “The Possible Police” book by Wylde Scott in exchange for this review. As soon as my one year old saw me open the envelope and as I pulled … [Continue]