Thankful Thursday Week 4

thankful thursdays

Happy Thanksgiving! We've been celebrating thankfulness and positive thinking the whole month of November with our Thankful Thursday post each week. Now the big holiday is here - and in the midst of food and guests, parades and football (and more food!), let's not forget to be thankful. So what's this week's topic? Family, of course! Hopefully many of you are enjoying your families today. Maybe you are attending a huge family reunion with all the great-aunts and second-cousins. Or maybe … [Continue]

Thanksgiving Decor: 5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Thanksgiving Decor for Ambiance

In the last few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we've talked about planning for the holidays and finding great new twists on old recipes. But if you're hosting a party or even if you're staying in with family, you want to make sure your home is festive and pleasant for Thanksgiving day. How do you find the perfect Thanksgiving decor? Be sure to consider all 5 senses as you prepare your home for the holiday. 1) Sight - This is the "easy" one. Sight is the sense that we all tend to focus on … [Continue]

Everything You Need to Know about Full moon party in Thailand

full moon party Thailand -what should and shouldn't you do there

Read reviews about any of the top full moon parties in Thailand, and you would probably hear varied opinions. Some say these parties are extremely enjoyable and fun; still others … [Continue]

Discover the Undiscovered with Travel Channel Thailand

travel channel Thailand

Travel channel Thailand recently featured some amazing beaches in the country and if you are anything like me, I’m sure you’d want to have the entire beach all to yourself. It is … [Continue]

Is Thailand Safe to Travel To For Tourists in 2014-15?

Is Thailand Safe to Travel To For Tourists in 2014-15’?

Thailand, I think, is a great place to travel to and generally very safe. Compared to many other developing nations, the crime rates and the physical attacks are a lot less in … [Continue]

Mighty Leaf Tea Review and giveaway

mighty leaf tea

In the winter months I love a good cup of hot tea. I must say, that statement makes me feel old! I am happy to share my review of Mighty Leaf tea that was gracious enough to send … [Continue]

Thankful Thursday Week 3

thankful thursdays

Thankful Thursday is here again, and it's only one week until Thanksgiving Day! This week I came across a quote that made me stop and think. Being happy does not make you a … [Continue]

Important Safety Tips For Travelling in Thailand

safety tips for travelling in Thailand

Is Thailand safe to travel to? Yes, Thailand is definitely quite a safe place for Americans to travel to and these days, you must follow travel safety precautions when travelling … [Continue]

Thanksgiving Recipes – New Twists on Old Favorites


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if you're hosting company this holiday season, you're probably already planning your meal. Of course you've got to have the traditional … [Continue]

Ways to Make Your Holiday Season More Environmentally Friendly This Year

eco friendly gifts

It is that time of the year again and like me, I am sure most of you have had a head start on  the Holiday Shopping. This year, we are thinking of having a new family … [Continue]