Moody Mama reviews Celsius Flo Fusion Pre-Workout formula

flo fusion berry

A few weeks ago Moody Mama received some samples of a Pre-Workout drink to try.  Made by Celsius, titled Flo Fusion Pre-Workout Formula.  Here is this Moody Mama’s honest feedback about the product: I’m the oldest of the Moody Mama’s but I workout 3 to 4 times a week with a trainer. At 46, I need every bit of help I can possibly get to burn calories or give me energy. I was happy to give this product a try! The box states that you burn 100 Calories, have a greater fat loss, healthy energy, … [Continue]

A new tuna in town…


This Moody Mama received two cans of tuna in the mail a couple weeks ago to review.  I was thinking cool....but I wasn't anticipating an earth shaking experience since I'm not a huge tuna fan, unless you pile in the mayo, onion, celery etc...( I'm a little hungry!)  One afternoon I decided to break out this new tuna for a test drive and I am pleased to report that I am a new fan! For starters here is the informative stuff that the website will share that is impressive no … [Continue]

Mind Blowing Scrambled Eggs Recipe With An Indian Twist


Eggs are must-haves in my pantry- they are easy to cook, filling and, not to forget, delicious and healthy. Packed with tons of proteins and trace minerals, eggs can be a complete … [Continue]

Tips For A Great Staycation-Part 2

staycation ideas and sample schedule

In our second part of tips for a great Staycation, we are presenting sample schedules that your family could use for the most perfect stay-at-home-vacation ever. Remember: this is … [Continue]

Review of Curious George Adventures in Learning

Curious George

Moody Mama received the following product free in exchange for this review, all of the opinions stated are my own.  Upon receiving the Curious George Adventures in Learning Grade K … [Continue]

Tips For A Great Staycation-Part 1

family staycation ideas and tips

A staycation simply means a ‘vacation at home’. As the economy crumbles and gas prices increase, more and more Americans are choosing to save money and spend their holidays in the … [Continue]

10 Best Summer Wines Under 20 Bucks!

delicious summer wines under $20

Throw out the elitism out of the window- these summer wines under 20USD are perfectly good wines- whether you are using them to entertain and balance the BBQ you serve, or simply … [Continue]

6 Simple And Safe Prenatal Exercises For Pregnant Women

prenatal exercises safe and simple

Regimented, regular and safe exercise workouts in pregnancy can be extremely beneficial for a pregnant woman. Emerging research has shown that aerobic exercises and resistance … [Continue]

6 Ways to Boost Fertility For Natural Pregnancy After 40

natural pregnancy after 40

Wish to conceive in your 40’s? Find yourself lacking in sex drive? Do not want painful, expensive and artificial fertility procedures to become a parent? Then these 6 fertility … [Continue]

Let’s Talk About Phobias, Baby!


Phobia is different from a fear in that; a phobia is often unwarranted and irrational. To a sufferer, though, a phobia can be debilitating enough to impact his/her day-to-day life. … [Continue]