Is Thailand Safe to Travel To For Tourists in 2014-15?

Is Thailand Safe to Travel To For Tourists in 2014-15’?

Thailand, I think, is a great place to travel to and generally very safe. Compared to many other developing nations, the crime rates and the physical attacks are a lot less in Thailand. Naturally, if you are traveling alone, the question foremost on your mind would be: is Thailand safe to travel to alone? So, this article will have important advice for travelling to Thailand especially for single travelers. Important safety tips and advice for travelling to Thailand when alone When … [Continue]

Mighty Leaf Tea Review and giveaway

mighty leaf tea

In the winter months I love a good cup of hot tea. I must say, that statement makes me feel old! I am happy to share my review of Mighty Leaf tea that was gracious enough to send me a fantastic sample pack to try. The box included a great travel tea mug and three boxes of tea to try. Ginger Twist was the first one I sampled, as it was evening time and this tea is caffeine Free. The box states that Ginger Twist is comprised of Lemongrass, tropical fruits and mint fueled with a touch of … [Continue]

Thankful Thursday Week 3

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Thankful Thursday is here again, and it's only one week until Thanksgiving Day! This week I came across a quote that made me stop and think. Being happy does not make you a … [Continue]

Important Safety Tips For Travelling in Thailand

safety tips for travelling in Thailand

Is Thailand safe to travel to? Yes, Thailand is definitely quite a safe place for Americans to travel to and these days, you must follow travel safety precautions when travelling … [Continue]

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Ways to Make Your Holiday Season More Environmentally Friendly This Year

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6 Baby Products Moms Can Steal From Their Baby

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I love buying natural and gentle baby products for my lil’ one and naturally, I often feel tempted to use them on myself. I am sure; many moms feel the same way. I have often … [Continue]

4 Healthy and Hearty Soup Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter

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As the weather turns colder, nothing calls out to me more than a warm and hearty soup to drive that chill out. These days, it’s a given that I hardly have time to cook. So, soup is … [Continue]

Great Tips For Cleaning The Bathroom Naturally

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