3 Low Glycemic Index Breakfast Recipes

low glycemic index foods frittata

We have heard and read enough about why eating a good and healthy breakfast is so important not just for adults but for children too. Yes, mornings do get crazy in most households but with a little bit of planning and thinking ahead, you can definitely make and eat breakfast that not only tastes great but is good for you too. A lot of us try and make sure we eat foods that help us stave off hunger and feel full for a longer time. Low Glycemic Index or GI foods are the ones rich in protein, fiber … [Continue]

Sit-ups And 4 Other Exercises That Do Not Work

exercises that do not work

I am no gym rat, because sometimes frankly, I do not have the time to go hit the gym and exercise. While I try to eat healthy, I do like the fact that I get some me time while I exercise. Naturally, I try and make it as non-negotiable as possible. It is a good way to offload all that stress and feel great at the end of it. This is the reason why I have been working on finding exercises that give me the best possible results within the short time frame I have. I have found some that worked and … [Continue]

Are You Aging Too Fast? 5 Signs Your Body Wants You To Slow Down

aging too fast

I can hear you saying, "what is she talking about?- we cannot slow down or reverse aging!" But come to think of it, we are certainly living a lot longer than our ancestors. That … [Continue]

Vegan Comfort Foods I love

vegan comfort foods Moody Mama

Each one of us has certain food favorites that we like to eat, perhaps to serve as a reminder of our childhood days, sometimes to warm us on cold and rainy days or to perk us up … [Continue]

I Am Teaching My Kids About Money. Are You?

teaching my kids about money

My younger one just received some cash for his birthday. He asked me whether he should spend it on a video game chip for his Nintendo®. Of course not! I exclaimed. This was the … [Continue]

Tips To Use Less Plastic Compared To The Average American

use less plastic to save oceans

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was teach music and tend to my own garden. Today, I am a working mom; I neither teach music nor have a garden. But one thing that makes … [Continue]

Managing Menopause Naturally

managing menopause naturally

A colleague and I were discussing menopause, in particular, managing menopause naturally at home, so this blog post is a result of that conversation. Presenting some tips for … [Continue]

10 Tips For Managing Self Love and Self Care

10 tips for self love and self care management

Loving yourself is the foundation to finding inner peace. As a mother, wife, working professional, or any other hat you wear;  you must always love and accept yourself first. Only … [Continue]

Healthy Summer Picnic Ideas

healthy summer picnic ideas

Today, Moody Mama is all for tweaking the picnic menus and turning those summer outings into nutritious, healthy trips. Summers and picnics go hand in hand. Whether you are heading … [Continue]

5 Ways To Raise Kind Kids

raising kind kids

A study conducted at Harvard recently showed that not all parents tend to raise kind kids. Nearly 80% parents actually admitted that their main objective while raising kids was … [Continue]